Bullet-resistant glass, smash resistant glass, and riot resistant glass are becoming favorite wishlist items for businesses. The peace of mind it provides to your patrons and employees (not to mention yourself!) can be invaluable to your company’s image. To sweeten the deal, security and safety grant programs can put your goal of installing safety glass even more within your reach. It’s a lot more affordable when someone else is picking up the tab.

The first challenge, of course, is submitting your grant application. This is often the hardest step in securing grant money because one small mistake could disqualify you. If you want to maximize your chance of earning grant money for your bullet, smash, or riot resistant glass, avoid these four common mistakes:

1. Leave No Question Blank

If it’s on the application, you probably already know you’re supposed to answer it. But leaving blanks or not filling out the entire question happens more often than you might think.

For example, you might be tempted to write N/A for some questions, but doing so could result in an incomplete application. Consider that if a question truly does not apply to you, then you don’t really need the grant in the first place.

Make sure you answer all questions on the application. Remember, this is your chance to compel others to believe in your cause.

2. Pay Attention to Multi-Part Questions

Many questions on a safety grant application contain multiple parts. For each of these questions, you should plan on answering each part to avoid invalidating the entire answer.

One thing to look for here are questions that contain the word “and.” These often represent two ideas, and both should be stated in the answer. 

3. Be Thorough in Your Responses

There’s a reason why safety grant applications give you a certain number of lines or characters to share your answers. If you see that the character limit is, say, 500, then a one word answer isn’t likely enough. 

Take advantage of the space the application gives you. You’re making your appeal and should provide as much detail and context as possible. It also demonstrates just how badly you want the grant and are willing to put in the extra effort to get it.

4. Double Check Your Work

Getting through a safety grant application can be a bear. But when you’re done, you’re not technically “done” until you proofread your application and fix any errors. A simple misspelling (e.g. your vs you’re) might not be enough to knock you out of the running, but a flawless application will help you stand out head and shoulders above the rest. 

Look for opportunities to clarify your answers and ensure your ideas are well-represented. Doing a simple double-check could be the difference between getting a grant for your bullet-resistant glass or paying for it yourself.

Increase Your Chance of Winning a Safety Grant

Here’s a little secret: when applying for a safety grant for bullet resistant glass, smash resistant glass, or riot resistant glass, your application will likely make it to the next round simply by being complete. 

You can’t control things like your industry or who else is applying for the safety grant. But avoiding these four mistakes can help you increase your chances of moving forward and standing out for all the right reasons.