Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes, cars, and places of work. The safety of those we love and care about comes first and there are many factors that can prevent us from successfully stopping potential threats. Luckily, we now have a cost-effective solution to keep these threats at bay. Safe Haven Defense is here to protect against break-ins, bullets, bombs, and even hurricanes by transforming the simple structure of buildings and vehicles into protection shields.

What To Keep In Mind About Ballistic Glass

When shopping for ballistic glass there are many options to choose from and if you aren’t familiar with the topic it can become overwhelming. Structural composition, performance capabilities, and varying levels of security are things to look out for. A small caveat in the realm of bulletproof glass is that the term itself can be a bit misleading. No glass is truly bulletproof so a more appropriate term would be bullet-resistant and we pride ourselves on transparency.

Safe Haven Defense products feature different levels of strength and thickness to match your organization’s structure, whether you’re protecting your home, vehicle, business, or school. The thickness depends on the threat level, meaning we would assess the risk for each project we undertake because it isn’t a one size fits. SHD products provide an extra level of protection by laminating a half dozen sheets to ensure the strength and durability of the laminate. These extra-strength laminates are strong enough to hold the glass together preventing flying glass pieces, which may harm bystanders or building occupants.

Why Choose Safe Haven Defense?

With Safe Haven Defense you can protect and defend ANY structure without major changes to your building or vehicle. In other words, no knocking down walls or replacing the existing glass. This is why SHD products are so cost-effective. Safe Haven Defense offers onsite installations without any interruptions; meaning work can go on and you don’t have to close for the day.

Our industry-leading products are constantly tested and are up to the National Institute of Justice Ballistic standards. With nanotechnology research, we’ve managed to bring you a product that protects against severe weather, bombs, and bullets for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional bullet-resistant glass.  If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather or has a high crime rate, contact us and gain peace of mind with an extra layer of security that defends your establishment against the harshest of conditions.