H & H Shooting Sport

May 10, 2023 @4PM

400 Vermont Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73108


The demonstration will begin at 4:00 PM with the first rock throw at 4:15 PM.

First, we will demonstrate how our competitor’s 14 mil security film performs when it is applied to ordinary 1/4” glass. 

We will then demonstrate how our Riot Control Security Laminate performs against river rocks and baseball bats when it is applied to ordinary 1/4” glass.

For our grand finale we will be showcasing our 3rd party laboratory tested, NIJ and UL rated, bullet resistant security laminate. You will be able to watch our Bullet Resistant Security Laminate stop multiple calibers of pistol ammunition on the same pane of glass. Then you will have the opportunity to hit it with a baseball bat.

We will provide all required safety equipment. Feel free to bring a friend, please RSVP how many will be in attendance so that I can get accurate headcount for gear needed.

Contact Mike Horrell 405-889-4069 – Email 

Here are some demo videos so show you more about our company and product line: