Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce has been a lifelong resident in the state of Kansas. His professional career was spent in law enforcement covering 23 years between the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office and the Bonner Springs Police Department. Tim, after visiting with Safe Haven founder, Steve Johnson and Kansas/Missouri partner, Tim Jennings in Arizona in 2020 knew immediately knew he had to get back home and spread the word about Safe Haven’s products and therefore, is now the main contact of sales and installations in the state of Kansas and a large part of the state of Missouri.

During his law enforcement career, Tim worked in many different areas including being an FTO, patrol, investigations, warrants, community policing, and the first SRO in the county and city of which he worked in. Prior to becoming an SRO, Tim was also a DARE officer. Tim’s experience and time spent inside of, and around high schools, middle schools and grade schools has led him to become a huge advocate for the Safe Haven Defense glass laminate in protecting the children and staff members inside of all schools. “Unfortunately, the violence in and around schools has continued to escalate and way too often, continues to become a tragedy that effects communities both large and small and in major cities and towns, and even the rural locations throughout the United States. “Of all my law enforcement training and experience, I have never come across a single product that offers the level of protection and security that this glass laminate does.” Tim was also a member of SWAT and was also the department’s SWAT sniper and had experience with several different firearms, to include pistols, long rifles and munition firearms as well . With the knowledge and firsthand experience of all of these, Tim said, “I can’t imagine a business, school or church not taking advantage of the level of production that Safe Haven offers with all the grants and funding available for these types of protections. And if you aren’t aware of funding opportunities and possibilities, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the correct resources for such.”

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