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Louie Pellechio

While working as the Head of Security for a high net worth Client in 2018, I found myself in a situation where my Client wanted to increase the physical security by adding bullet resistant glass to the residence. Since the building was registered as an historical building, the city would not issue a permit for the construction required to retrofit the windows. After researching the limitations of traditional bullet resistant glass windows (Increased weight requiring frame modifications, reduced clarity and loss of functionality and the exorbitant cost of purchase and installation), I convinced my Client that we should consider alternative solutions in bullet resistant security.

My research into alternate solutions led me to many companies claiming to have bullet resistant films and laminates, but upon closer inspection, we found their advertisements to be false and their "Bullet Resistant" products failed on several occasions. This research led me to Safe Haven Defense in Arizona, and after meeting with the owner and testing the product myself in several extensive tests (I choose to push products to their failure points, in order to gauge their true limitations), I was extremely pleased with the performance and was sold on the application potential for saving lives. Shortly after my retirement, I contacted the owner of Safe Haven Defense and bought into the company as a sales distributor for Texas, North Carolina and Florida.

As a recognized expert in the security industry, I understand the significant importance behind maintaining a credible reputation and using solid discretion in choosing to endorse any person or product. That being said, I can wholeheartedly support the Safe Haven Defense Products as not only working exactly as described but also in being a revolutionary game changer when it comes to providing real world security that is so desperately needed in this day and age. The safety and peace of mind these products provide for our families and ourselves is the reason I chose to become part of the Safe Haven Defense family.

Mr. Pellechio has enjoyed a diverse career, spanning over twenty (20) years, where he gained practical experience serving in the U.S. Army, Law Enforcement, as a Department of State Protection Team Leader in Non-Permissive Environments, Department of State Instructor and Private Executive Protection Head of Security for a high net worth family.

Upon retiring at the beginning of 2019, he founded StealthPoint International, a security consulting firm that provides all aspects of administrative and operational security provisions to both international and domestic Clients. This same year, Mr. Pellechio joined Safe Haven Defense and created an SPI subsidiary company, Safe Haven Defense Texas, that currently operates in Texas, North Carolina and Florida.

We are more than just a window film installation company. Our security experts will not only provide an all inclusive estimate (with no hidden fees or charges), but will also provide a general threat assessment of the structure along with qualified recommendations. Our administrative team can also assist with locating and writing applicable state and federal grants at no additional cost.

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Professional measuring and installation

Expert anchoring to all frames

Application to existing windows done in hours/days not weeks/months

Security walk-through by law enforcement professionals who help identify locations for security measures

Glass laminate available in a variety of thickness, break strength & tensile strength

Certiļ¬ed secure by 3rd parties