Anthony (AJ) Brooks

Ever since adolescence, AJ has felt the commitment to protect and save lives. AJ always maintains an ambitious yet, confidence boasting personality, meanwhile applying his high-quality characteristics to the people he serves. Safe Haven has been a way to fill that commitment. Currently serving as a full-time flight paramedic for the Oregon Army National Guard, AJ has been active in the military since 2010. His selfless service and dedication to protect and serve is unparalleled.


Safe Haven Defense New Mexico Women Owned and Operated
Safe Haven Defense New Mexico Women Owned and Operated

Before working with Safe Haven, AJ has been widely utilized in the Army and holds a unique, yet extensive background in the Military. He served 4 years in a RQ-7B (Shadow) drone platoon as security and reconnaissance teams, then later went on to serve for 3 years as a Combat Engineer. Earning an in-depth knowledge of ballistics, H.E. (high explosives), advanced security practices and breaching techniques. With this knowledge base, AJ is determined to protect you and your loved ones to ensure complete peace of mind. 

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Why work with us?

Professional measuring and installation

Expert anchoring to all frames

Application to existing windows done in hours/days not weeks/months

Security walk-through by law enforcement professionals who help identify locations for security measures

Glass laminate available in a variety of thickness, break strength & tensile strength

Certified secure by 3rd parties