School Safety 

In recent decades schools have worked to improve the safety of their students by installing “shatterproof” glass to their windows and doors. Security films have become a great option to protect against forced entry, riots, and bomb threats. While this may have prevented break-ins, destruction from severe weather, shoot-outs, and vandalism in the past, the threats today are much more frequent and arguably more deadly.¬†

Ballistic glass laminates that provide superior protection to our communities and schools were generally used by government organizations and were not as accessible as they are now. Even in the event community centers and local schools could gain access to this type of security, it wasn’t practical due to installation costs. In order to combat this issue and also stay within budget, school districts and communities opted to reduce the school’s window-to-wall ratio.

NOW smaller communities in the U.S. can Uparmor their schools by a fraction of the cost with the SAME LEVEL OF PROTECTION.

Choosing The Right Security Window Laminate

Providing your school with the right level of protection at an affordable cost can seem like a difficult task to undertake, but it’s more simple than you may think. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best service at the right price.

1. Do Your Research

Researching security companies can be crucial in finding a product and service you can trust. A few businesses promoting “solutions” to this problem have been selling schools a false sense of security. Make sure their products have been tested thoroughly, backed by research, and have the correct certificates backing the quality of their products. Safe Haven Defense has tested its products and conducted years of scientific research to ensure strength and reliability. Not to mention, they’re trusted by law enforcement professionals nationwide.

2. Choose The Right Level Of Security

Depending on your school’s structure and the crime rate in your community, your level of defense may vary. Companies feature products to protect against different levels of threats, such as burglaries, hurricanes and tornadoes, bomb blasts, and shootings. One amazing feature on the market today is the ability to protect your classroom while remaining shielded by the glass! This is possible by having the ability to shoot out, while the offender CAN’T shoot in.

Countless LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS are conducted every year by Safe Haven Defense, where security officers and police officers “ATTEMPT” to penetrate the glass by shooting round after round with no luck. That’s a product you can trust!

3. Find Protection At The Right Cost

Luckily, there have been some major scientific advancements in improving ballistic glass. These advancements have utilized nano-technology allowing structures to be Uparmored without any major construction to buildings. In addition, ballistic glass laminates are just as strong and reliable as the latter.

With the ability to cut down on construction costs, schools can finally get the protection they need at up-to 75% less cost! Because of these new developments, there are options for virtually any budget. Contact Safe Haven Defense for more information on what protection level is best for your community.

Installing Preventative Security During Schools Hours

Schools finally have affordable options to protect their community with a line of defense they can trust, but the benefits don’t stop there! When replacing glass, businesses usually have to close due to installation, but NOW installing preventative security measures has become so much easier! Eliminating the need for major construction has not just improved the cost for installation, but also reduced the time it takes to Uparmor any structure. This means, no knocking down walls, disrupting classroom time, or business closures are necessary to equip schools with the superior protection they need.

Safe Haven Defense has equipped hundreds of schools nationwide that wouldn’t have had the option to protect themselves otherwise. Protecting your children, staff, and community from threats BEFORE they occur is nothing short of a miracle. Connect with Safe Haven Defense today for more information on choosing your line of defense.