Kevlar Paneling - UpArmor For Vehicles

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UpArmor Kevlar Paneling in Action

We can strengthen the hell out of your office or home, but are you vulnerable in your vehicle?


Our UpArmored Vehicle Packages are completely custom tailored to you. Whether you are looking for merely burglar/ carjacking protection, or complete bullet resistant packages, we have something for you with our car and truck armor panels.

There are no frame or suspension modifications required. All of our products are lightweight and do not affect the drivability of your vehicle. All burglar and bullet resistant window laminates are custom cut to your windows and all Kevlar panels are custom cut to your make, model and vehicle package.

Our Kevlar panels do not affect the functionality of your windows.

*we recommend for bullet resistant purposes they are affixed in the up position.

Every vehicle is different, and our pricing reflects that. Why pay Rolls-Royce or Bentley pricing when you drive a Cadillac?

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