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UpArmor™ for Your Structure or Vehicle

Our exclusive UpArmor™ armored glass laminates are so effective, they have become the most cost-effect option for adding real security to your business.

Safe Haven Defense utilizes an industry-leading nano-technology which converts your ordinary glass into a protective armor that is impact, burglar, fire, blast, hurricane, and bullet resistant† and meets or exceeds industry testing standards for these threats.

UpArmor™ glass laminates fortify vulnerabilities in your current methods of physical security, adding value to your existing protective tools by creating an integrated and comprehensive physical protection solution.

When you shield your facility with Safe Haven Defense UpArmor™, you exponentially increase the physical protection of your people and property from injury and danger. UpArmor™ laminates can provide crucial extra moments of reaction time during a threat event.

 †   Bullet resistance requires the use of our BR bullet resistant laminate in combination with one of our other safety or security laminates. The thickness requirements of our BR laminate will vary depending upon many variables to include the type and thickness of the existing glass and the required level of bullet resistant performance.

UpArmor™ Your Building


Glass laminate for your business is great for protecting your most valuable assets.

  • Private Businesses
  • Schools
  • Banks

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UpArmor™ Your Vehicle


Custom Kevlar panels for your personal or business vehicles.

  • Private Vehicles
  • Business Vehicles
  • Law Enforcement Agencies

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