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Be Protected with Armored Glass and Bullet Resistant Panels



Stop bullets with armored  panels


Prevent burglary and protect your employees


Shield your students with an extra layer of security

Industry Leading Security Glass Laminate Provided by Law Enforcement Professionals

 We live in a time when safety and security is top of mind. At Safe Haven Defense we know that you want to protect the customers, employees, and assets of your business. In order to do that, you need top security features including armored glass. The problem is, it’s expensive. Even worse, your business has to be shut down for installation. That’s costing you sales! All of this can make you feel unsure about your return on this potentially life-saving investment. We believe your valuable assets are worth protecting. We understand the need for security measures which is why we are staffed with former law enforcement professionals. And as a small business, we know that investing wisely is always important. It’s time for your business to get #UpArmored. Click Here to Read More…

Protect your property

Securing your property never looked so good.

Forget the unsightly bars and metal gates to keep intruders out. Defensive laminates can protect your property from burglary to bullets with level three bullet-resistant technology.

Get UpArmored™ in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule Your Security Evaluation

Get a complete evaluation of the safety and security of your business.

2. Get Your Custom UpArmor™ Plan

Receive a custom armored glass and panel security plan that fits your business needs and budget.


3. Enjoy Quick Installation & Peace of Mind

Our licensed professionals will install your UpArmor™ protection efficiently. No downtime for your business.

Peace of mind for you.

The Cost of "What if..."

What if your business is broken into through unsecured windows? What if your bank is hit by a hurricane? What if an active shooter targets your school? Safe Haven Defense exists to help you secure your most important assets. Stop worrying about the safety of your business, bank or school. Schedule your security evaluation and make your business a Safe Haven.